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Analytical Products Inorganic Products
Organic Products Organometallic Products
Precious Metal Compounds Precious Metals
Pure Elements and Alloys Rare Earth Compounds
>> Analytical Products 
AAS standards Chromatography media
Conductivity standards Drying and filtering aids
Indicators Ion chromatography standards
Ion exchange resins Mass spec standards
Molecular sieves NMR solvents
Optic discs/IR materials pH Buffers
Plasma standards Polystyrene standards
Volumetric solutions General lab needs
>> Inorganic Products 
Boron-containing compounds Halogen-containing
Inorganic acids Nitrogen-funct. compounds
Phosphorus-funct. compounds Sulfur-functionality compounds
Metal oxides Mixed metal salts
Minerals Nonmetal/metalloid
Other compounds 
>> Organic Products 
Nitrogen, non-heterocyclic Oxygen, non-heterocyclic
Oxy/Nitro, non-heterocyclic Sulfur, non-heterocyclic
Heterocyclic compounds Alkenes
Alkynes Biochemicals
Boron-containing compounds Chiral compounds
Cyano-containing compounds Halogen-containing
Phosphorus containing Polymers
Protected compounds Salts
Other compounds 
>> Organometallic Products 
Alkoxides Carbides
Carbonyls Cyclopentadienyls
Grignard reagents Metal alkyls/aryls
Phosphines Silanes and silyl groups
Stannates Sulfamates
Trifluoromethanesulfonates Other metal salts
>> Precious Metal Compounds 
Gold Iridium
Osmium Palladium
Platinum Rhodium
Ruthenium Silver
>> Precious Metals 
Gold Iridium
Osmium Palladium
Platinum Rhodium
Ruthenium Silver
>> Pure Elements and Alloys 
Aluminum-calcium Carbon-gadolinium
Gallium-lithium Lutetium-potassium
Praseodymium-sulfur Tantalum-zirconium
>> Rare Earth Compounds 
Cerium Dysprosium
Erbium Europium
Gadolinium Holmium
Lanthanum Lutetium
Neodymium Praseodymium
Samarium Scandium
Terbium Thulium
Ytterbium Yttrium
>> Solvents 
ACS grade HPLC grade
Spectrophotometric grade Environmental grade
NMR solvents Other solvents